Les Minettes, your french handbag


For those of you who like to treat yourself by wearing bags handbag French from quality, who wish to choose responsible and sustainable products but without breaking the bank, you will find with The Minettes a real brand French from authentic leather goods, created by passionate craftsmen.


From the meticulous selection of the most beautiful materials staged with creativity, the care given to the quality of the seams and finishes, are so many attentions and small details that allow the house of leather goods the Minettes to offer you exceptional leather and canvas handbags.

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How is the French handbag

a guarantee of quality ?


The handbag is certainly the piece of leather goods par excellence for all women who make refinement an art of living. The French style is an ode to natural elegance that doesn't need to go overboard to be discreet and trendy.

From the large zippered tote bag to the small bag delicately carried on the shoulder, through the tote bag, the canvas and leather bag is the essential piece to affirm its style and personality. Much more than a fashion accessory, the handbag remains the partner that must remain practical and elegant for all women.

This is the charm of French fashion which, through the handcrafted creations of leather goods, is part of a resolutely nonchalant, carefree and delicate style. Often copied but never equaled, fashion owes much to the know-how of French artisans and the French way of life.

You can find throughout the world, a very important choice of handbag brands. But if you are passionate about this universe, you will find that the creativity and quality of French designers and manufacturers of leather goods are unanimous.
Generations of handbag designers have been serving French elegance for centuries and have been able to raise the French know-how to this excellence now recognized by all.

Choosing a handbag from a French designer means acquiring a leather good accessory with a long tradition of perfection, designed and manufactured with care to offer an exceptional quality finish.

At the Minettes, we are above all leather goods manufacturers. Composed of passionate designers, the Minettes team is guided by a strong desire to offer timeless, chic and durable handbags.

Each French handbag that comes out of our leather goods workshop located in the heart of France, in the Berry region, is the result of the know-how of craftsmen who have put all their creativity and passion into the design of shoulder bags or zipped tote bags that are elegant, unique and meaningful to the women who are destined to wear them.

The designer handbag handmade in France, the charm asset by excellence !


The single know-how of French craftsmanship.

Beyond using high quality raw materials, the handbag made in France represents excellence, authenticity, durability as well as a high technicality in the manufacturing processes or treatment of leather. The quality of the assemblies of The Minettes canvas and leather bags are a guarantee of perfection made possible by the ancestral know-how of our craftsmen creators.


Greater durability.

Indeed, from the sewing of the shoulder strap to the zipper to the choice of materials used in the composition of The Minettes handbags, each detail is worked and thought to bring an irreproachable quality and an incomparable style to our creations. This is how we are able to offer you elegant, functional and resistant bags that you will wear for many years.


A responsible approach for the local economy.

In addition to acquiring a high quality and durable product, choosing a handbag made in France represents a strong commitment to promote the know-how of French artisans and thus contributes to the survival of these crafts deeply rooted in our traditions.


The availability and service.

Although the handbags of the French designer The Minettes are synonymous with quality and longevity, it can happen that some accidents come to damage your fashion accessory. Choosing a French manufacturer allows you to have a local service for possible repairs: Replacing of a stained leather insert or resumption of a seam that has been cut...

Buying or offering a French handbag, more than the purchase of a leather goods accessory allowing to show a style and a personality, it is above all choosing the quality and the creativity of a local craftsman, it is adhering to values of sharing and participating in the promotion of the French manufacture while preserving an ancestral know-how.


Arts and crafts, the quality assurance of your handbag !


When you choose a handbag, there are all the aesthetic aspects but also all the invisible details that will guarantee the longevity of your handmade leather goods.
The origin of the leather, the resistance of the canvas, the quality of the accessories, the solidity of the assemblies... So many criteria which will determine the way your bag will cross the time.

In the same way, a 100% French artisanal manufacture ensures your handmade bag a greater durability thanks to assembly and sewing techniques carried out in the rules of Art.
Choosing a handbag made in a French workshop, such as those of Les Minettes, is to offer yourself a stylish, responsible and sustainable item while avoiding the purchase of a mass-market product often manufactured in "low-cost" countries where social and environmental responsibility is often more than questionable.

Finally, all the accessories such as zippers, snaps or the strap must be up to the exclusivity of a French-made handbag.
The Minettes brings great importance on the quality of the finish of these elements so that your French bag is up to the standard of our craftsmen's know-how and that it meets your quality requirements. Much more than a handbag, choosing to wear The Minettes handbag on your arm is to affirm a true art of living, pure refinement !


The personalization of your French handbag: An exclusive service!


True to the values that advocate the authenticity and timelessness of our French-made leather goods, The Minettes works every day to allow all women to combine their outfit with a handbag made in France that reflects their image and style.

Whether it is your shoulder bag or your zipped tote bag, our leather goods workshop, in the heart of Berry, offers you the exclusive opportunity to personalize your The Minettes bag. This is how you design your own style and create a true fashion accessory that is uniquely yours.
Choice of the color of the nylon fabric, dimension of the body of the handbag made in France, of the leather yoke, of the shoulder strap and of the handles, all these components are left to your imagination to give us the bases of the creation of your handbag from a French designer.

And to allow you to accessorize your French handbag even more, we suggest you choose a removable pouch for women. Used as an additional case in your bag or as a small intimate bag to carry just the necessary, it is the chic accessory by essence and an essential to associate with your French leather handbag.

How to choose a zipped canvas & leather bag ?


Tote bag or tote bag, whatever you call it, a large multipurpose bag is a must-have accessory for women's fashion. A shopping trip or an errand to run? A soft nylon canvas bag that can be used to carry your make-up bag or baby's necessities, to change clothes or to carry work equipment, will be the practical and stylish solution.
There will be no shortage of opportunities to appreciate the use of a large bag for every occasion.
Even if it is first and foremost practical and functional, the tote bag created by our craftsmen, in our artisanal leather workshop in Berry, is above all a unique piece with clean lines, equipped with a quality zipper and a careful finish.
From the cutting of the leather yoke to the details of the stitches, each detail is worked in the respect of the know-how of saddlery-maroquinier.
The nylon and leather interior pocket, which you can choose in the same style and colors as your French tote bag, allows you to enjoy a second small bag ideal to find easily papers, phone or car keys.


Where to find affordable French designer handbags?


It is because the sharing and the passion for the craft of Art are in the heart of the values defended by the house The Minettes that we propose unique, chic and timeless models of handbags for all the women of France and elsewhere.
Our desire is to actively participate in the promotion of French elegance, to make it accessible to as many people as possible and to promote the know-how of our designers and craftsmen through collections of French handbags, large zipped tote bags and additional clutches.
What could be more exciting and authentic than giving each woman the opportunity to create her own fashion accessory, as a unique model that will be made by local artisans ?
Choosing The Minettes handbag is to offer yourself a fashion accessory that takes on a real meaning, that has its own story and that will accompany your personal life moments. Thanks to our online store of French made handbags, you can now engage in a real alternative to soulless industrial products, choosing an authentic quality accessory while enjoying a reasonable price.